1The Shocking Truth!

According to research, because of being left in hot vehicles, nearly 712 children have died since 1998 just because of heat strokes in the United States. Bishop Curry from McKinney in Texas who’s merely 10 years of age has now found the solution to those preventable and tragic deaths.

The young brain has invented a device by the name Oasis, the device has the capability to monitor the temperature inside a car. Not only does it detect the temperature but also emits cool air and alerts the authorities and parents via an antenna. What made Bishop create this device is the death of his 6-month-old neighbor due to an overheated car. As of now, Bishop just has the 3D clay model of his invention. He along with his father has managed to generate funds over $24000 for his invention on GoFundMe.

hot vehicles

All the contributions would be invested in securing the patent and manufacturing the device. If you loved the idea, just don’t forget to join their fundraising page and help the execution of the brilliantly awesome project.