1Food that save you from weight gain: 

Maybe there was a time when you used to love food and ate a lot without any care of weight gain. But then something happened, maybe you started gaining weight and that made your mouth stop.

But worry not, for we have list of 15 foods which are delicious, juicy, and healthy while at the same time they do not give you any weight gain no matter how much you eat them.


Popcorns are indeed love, especially when we go to the movies. But they become a bit dangerous when we fry them with butter and caramel. The good news is if you’ll have them with nothing but a little salt on them for some taste, you can have them as much as you want without any fear of weight gain.


Celery is something which by nature is made in a way that help you lose extra weight gain and detoxify your body. Stems of celery contains 95% water is main composition.


You can have as much of eggplant as you want if you have it grilled or baked without any addition of oil. Forget any worry of weight gain. 

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