A penny is no longer referred to as a beneficial coin in the present days. Even a single cent is not sufficient enough to buy things. It might seem surprising but an old one-penny may still have great worth and value. As some quarters of the 1970 hold great value, so does some certain one-penny coins do. The copper pennies of 1943 range among the most valued coins in the market. The unskilled people fail to realize the difference between the pennies, as they tend to find all the pennies similar. The only thing that distinguishes them is the mistake during the printing process. Therefore, getting hold of such a coin can turn out to be an exceptional and a thrilling point. In 1943, America was going through war and had strictly controlled the use and regulation of copper. During that time, in order to preserve the copper for the war, they planned to use the new pennies made out of stainless steel. The stainless steel pennies hold their own distinctiveness. Despite that, the copper pennies of 1943 were unique as they still hold great value. They were worth $85,000.

Having known the worth and value of the coins of 1943, it is advised to figure out if anyone has any specific coin. Generally, people tend to give away the change that the get in coins or do not bother to look at them carefully. In this way they ignore the real gems that they might be holding in the form of the 1943 coins. Nobody knows that the one-penny that they might be possessing would be among the 1943 valuable penny that holds more worth than a current cent.

Photo Source: LittleThings