9 things you were doing wrong throughout your life!


We all have grown up listening to our parents telling us what to do. Even though later we did know better, the habit was formed till then. Or sometimes, it seemed easier to follow a thing as it is. However, imagine the shock of finding out one day that socks aren’t to be used for feet. While that actually isn’t happening, similar things may well have taken place. Do you think you have always been right about what you did? If you answered yes, then here is a list of nine things done wrong by you throughout your life that you must know. Try not to let your jaw drop in surprise.

  • Wearing a bobby pin

Remember the good old days when you used bobby pins? Well, did you always made sure that the wavy side was facing up? After all, it only seems logical that it should be. However, it isn’t supposed to be worn that way. The wavy side is actually meant to be at the bottom. Now that is something you can tell your mother this weekend when you visit.

Things done wrong your whole life
When the right way is upside down. Via: yummymummyclub.ca
  • Inserting straw in can

If you have experienced a floating straw in can, you know how annoying it can be. You just can’t concentrate on eating your food peacefully. At least popping the soda open is fun. Wait, does the tab actually have a hole in it? Yes, it does. Because it is there to insert your straw through to keep it in one place. Your whole universe of drinking must have changed now.

  • Eating an apple

Apple is good for health. That is why our parents made us eat it from an earlier age. Always having to bite into its side and hoping on our part it finished soon. Wait, biting into its side? That’s another one of things you were doing wrong in life. Because the right way to eat an apple is to go from top to bottom. Bet even your parents didn’t know that. Maybe now you can tell teach them something in return.

  • Using a moisturizer

You must be familiar with the importance of using a moisturizer. It keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. So, how do you use it exactly? Rub it gently all over your face, of course. Well, here is a deal breaker. That is not the right way to use a moisturizer. You are meant to simply tap it on your skin instead of rubbing it. And let it absorb on its own. From now on, your skin may get better.

  • Wearing earphones correctly

There is nothing better than enjoying the drumming of music close to ears. And that is why we have earphones. But they can get on your nerves when they keep falling down. Again and again. Well, here is a surprise. You are meant to coil them over your ears. Yes, that is the right way to wear them. And it also helps keep them in one place. Now music will go on uninterrupted.

Wearing headphones is one of the things done wrong your whole life
Helping them hold onto your ears. Via: ytimg.com
  • Drinking from juice box

You must have often complained about kids spilling their juices all over. And giving you extra work to do. But did you know that the folded sides of the box are there for a reason? Yes, they are meant to be pulled out so kids can hold onto them. And this, in turn, will keep them from spilling their drinks. It must really have seen like a magic trick to you.

  • Cleaning a blender

This can’t be one of the things done wrong, you wonder. All you have to do is scrub it clean, simple as that. However, you are indeed wrong. You must never scrub your blender. The right way to do is to add liquid wash and water, and then blend it. Yes, like you would do for all your other things in the first place.

  • Brushing your teeth

Going from pea-sized paste to completely overflowing our toothbrush, this has been the oldest habit. And one that has remained the same for generations. But here is a surprise to break the tradition. The correct way to use toothpaste is to only take a dab of it. And to not actually rinse your mouth afterward. Yes, you read this absolutely correct.

  • Holding a pizza piece

Hearing about pizza must have made your mouth water. And you must be thinking of ordering one now. But before you do, how about finding out about something you have done wrong your whole life? If you have complained about your piece flopping over, it’s because you are not holding it correctly. It is supposed to be held folded to make a u-shape. This helps prevent the flopping over. Now you can enjoy your pizza.

While things may seem too small to matter in your daily life, they can actually be life changing. Or shocking. Either way, your life wouldn’t have remained the same after learning about these facts. Maybe you are thinking about digging deep in your life for other secrets now? We wouldn’t suggest going that far, though.