If you want to see how you can live life with a 100 stone Kodiak bear then Jim and Susan are the perfect example. This couple have been taking care of Jimbo almost all his life despite its huge and horrifying appearance. The have a bear orphanage in New York where Jimbo and other bears live together under the protection of this gracious couple.

In September, The mirror reported the couple stating that they treat and take care of Jimbo like their own ‘son’ and that they are very content that this bear would never harm them in anyway.

Jim and Susan playing with Kodiak Bear:

Kodiak Bear

Kodiak Bear

“He’ll play with you all day if you have the time,” Mr Kowalczik told the Daily Mail.

“They’re content, they’re happy. If they weren’t, you would know it.”

“Jimmy is my best friend. It doesn’t get any better than that. He loves you just for you.”

Kodiak Bear

Kodiak Bear

Kodiaks normally tend to stay away from humans but Jimbo loves Jim and Susan

Most of the Kodiak Bears weigh more than 107 stone. The couple is now a happy family with 11 bears in their orphanage including Syrian, Kodiaks and Black bears. Here, the bears can roam around fearlessly in the couple’s 100 acre estate which they have dedicated to rescue every bear they can get their hands on.

Normally, these bears come from closed down nature reserves, as abandoned babies and also sometimes as a result of illegal hunt injuries. Jim and Susan then, accept these bears in their worst state, make them their own and grow them to be big furry fearless playful bears.

Kodiak Bear

“The bears are like our children,” Mr Kowalczik said earlier. “That’s how much we love them and they give a lot back to you too. They love you just as much.”

“Our bear family is like every other family. You love them to death but then there are other times when they drive you nuts.”

The couple has been rescuing bears for more than 20 years now but only recently in 2015 have they started off officially with their rescue centre.

The 30lbs daily diet of these bears include a mix of fruits, fresh meat, pet food and sometimes marshmallows as a treat. Taking care of such bears is a full time and devoted job which the couple has been doing terrifically for such a long time. Good luck to them for all their beary future and let’s hope that these bears live a very happy life under the couple’s protection.

Images Via: Barcroft Media