1Why lad wears suit to the hospital:

This champ of a lad wears suit to the hospital for the most heart touching reason ever that will melt your heart like a chocolate slab. He wasn’t there to pick up his date or to impress a nurse with his dressing skills, nor had he arrived from his extravagant city job directly to the hospital in that suit. All of these presumptions of the people went down the drain when they became aware of the actual and the cutest reason of why this lad wears suit to the hospital.

So, here we go…

The guy wore a top notch suit and a tie to the hospital in order to welcome his niece in the most noble and wise way possible. When his sister asked him about the suit, he gave the sweetest answer one could hear. He told her sister that “first impressions are everything”. He wanted to make sure that he looks his best around his newborn niece as he wanted to make a good first impression! According to us, he made a great first impression there.