She was overwhelmed by that one sentence her niece said to her that made her quit smoking forever.

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Source: Rafika Sarraf/ Quora

The Picture Above is a Screenshot from Quora, Rafika Sarraf is Answering to the Question “What’s the most embarrassing thing your kid has said in front of your extended family?

The Answer is:

About 4 years ago , I used to occasionally have a cigarette after lunch or dinner. When I used to visit my brother , I would make sure that my niece doesn’t see me because I she loves me so much and I didn’t want her to think smoking is okay.
So apparently , while I would sneak to the balcony to enjoy my cigarette  , she would follow me and watch me smoke from behind the balcony door.
Most of my family didn’t know that I was a occasional smoker and it is really a stigma in my family to smoke cigarettes , etc.

So fast forward few months, we are at a big family wedding everyone is sitting together having a great time and she looks at me and says :
“I love you auntie. I just want you to know that you shouldn’t smoke because it will make you age and die quickly. Plus you keep hiding in the balcony thinking I wouldn’t see you. So obviously you know it is wrong since you are hiding it ! .”

I didn’t say a word . My face turned red and I felt everyone looking at me in shock !
Her mother looks at her and says , no your auntie doesn’t smoke , you must be mistaken .
To that she answered : “why are you trying to make me lie , that’s worse that smoking “.

Everyone laughed. And I changed the subject immediately! 
I no longer smoke and I hope she doesn’t remember.

A dose of harsh criticism/realism mixed with love is one of the greatest gifts a family can provide you with. I quit smoking knowing that a family member wants only the best for us. Getting such comments is the encouragement we need to get back on the right track. Hearing the harsh reality can make us feel bad for some time but it is always better to accept the constructive criticism from your loved ones and start working upon it.