1Did you know that grandparents of Ed Sheeran hailed from Ireland?

Though, the joyous smile and red hair might give it away. A group of beautiful Irish girls decided to honor Ed’s Irish heritage by performing on his super hit song ‘Shape Of You’.

beautiful irish girls

Lined up in the traditional V structure and the music going on, the girls begin tapping, jumping, jigging, and prancing around the beautiful Irish seaside location. All the girls performing hail from the Claddagh area in the Galway City of Ireland. With each note, their curly strawberry blonde hair is bouncing and they are stepping along in the video. The most impressive part is their ability to keep their feet with the fast paced beat.

After finishing dancing, the girls chose to put the video online so that the entire globe could see their talent. Their performance clearly proves that Irish dancing so so much more than twirling around and stomping your feet. Irish dancing is a beautiful at the same time complicated skill that everyone should hopefully try at least once in their lives. Watch their amazing performance on the next page.