When Donna Aylmer found out about giving birth to twin girls, she cried out in worry. After delivery she was surprised to see the difference.

One from the twin girls was born with red hair and blue eyes, she was named Lucy. While the other one, Maria was born with brown skin, brown eye and dark curly hair.

The mother of the twin girls herself is half white and half black. Her husband however is full white. The couple belongs from Gloucester, England. The family itself was surprised to see the different complexions of their twin girl.

What happens after whole 18 years in 2015 is even more drastic and surprising for the whole world.

The twin girls grew up as best friends but surprisingly share almost no resemblance in their physical looks. In fact most people don’t believe they the twin girls reveal that they are from the same mother. Unfortunately, this difference caused the sisters great bullying at school.