1This groom and bride began everything off on their right foot.

Whether they love the class movie’Dirty Dancing’, or they are real life choreographers, everyone was cheering them for their outstanding moves. All the guests already knew that something beautiful is going to happen when the groom walked up to the bride and took her hand. They had recognized the move from somewhere but were unable to place their fingers on exactly what it was from.

groom and bride

In a while, ‘Time Of My Life’ was played on the loudspeakers and everything became clear. The groom leads the bride and the bride, wearing her sneakers on, twirled and spun in her white gown. As they go from one move to another, the guests erupt with clapping and cheers. The enjoyment of the moment can be seen on the brides and grooms face while they are on the floor dancing together.

groom and bride

Just like Baby and Johnny, both the groom and the bride share excitement and passion. Well, not only them but also all the guests present in the room were sharing the excitement. No one could have ever guessed that a few other members of the wedding party were a part of the plan too. Catch the action on the next page.