1The Couple!

Don’t they look like a delightful couple? Well, they were happy, but then, they painted their house in Harris Country. Just a teal-colored house got them death threats. Kelly and Peter Dubravo are making claims that the homeowner’s association had approved their new color. Their only intention to paint the house was to make their home feel like their personal house.


Things began when an unidentified realtor took a picture of their home and posted it online. He asked people’s opinion about the aesthetic value and appeal of the house. Soon comments started flowing in and people were calling the Bubrovas white trash. Some people were so furious that they wished to hang the Dubrovas. Really? Why do people want to hang them? In what world are we living today?

Why do people have a problem when HOA has no problem with the teal color. Painting a house makes no one a white trash. The Dubrovas are terrified and have no idea about what they should do now. Let’s be serious.There is no one who won’t be upset with the way people are reacting.