1Mission of rescuing animals:

Lisa Booth travelled with his team of Minnesota’s Good Karma Animal Rescue in August towards flood hits areas. They were on the mission of rescuing animals in those areas. Lisa, during this, saw many abandoned dogs and it was now her lifestyle to rescue animals. While they were on their rescue mission, Lisa found a sad pit bull who was in bad condition.

Their mission to reunite dogs with their owners was now converted into the mission of helping the state with its abandoned-dog epidemics.

“We started this off as kind of a disaster relief effort,” Booth told Fox 9. “But once I got down there, I saw the immense need. It’s heartbreaking, and they’re just always in crisis even if there isn’t a natural disaster happening.”

Lisa and her team found a group of 10 young puppies without their mum, nervous and sad. Animal rescue team rescued them. A pit bull named “Asher” was also in the litter of 10 puppies. Asher had his ears cut off with garden shears. It was very painful moment to see dog in such critical and painful situation. But the team rescued Asher and Asher is now in stage of Recovery.

“Asher’s going to find a great home,” Lisa said. “I don’t know how long it will take, but that’s not my concern. He’s in good hands and we’ll make sure it’s the right home for him.”