1It’s very unfortunate that magic is now becoming a long lost art.

With new gadgets and technologies coming into the picture, it’s getting harder day by day to impress the audience. It was easier decades ago. Realizing the fact, these French twins tried using technology to their fullest of benefits. Trust us, they were a big big hit.

french twins

It started when one twin Tony came onto the stage and confessed that his parents weren’t cool with his dream career choice. With a big smile on his face, he said that he would use the opportunity to prove his parents and everyone else that he can become a magician. Tony soon starts his thing and then uses the giant screen behind him to introduce his twin Jordan to the people.

french twins

Then begins the magical act of Tony and Jordan. The act blew the judges and everyone present in the audience. Using various props and the giant screen behind them, the twins easily cruise through their routine. As soon as their magical act comes near a closure, they drop a couple of more surprises. What happens next? Well, they meet an eruption of cheers. Check out the video on the next page.