1Countries that pay unimaginable amounts of cash to its Olympic medal winners:

When it comes to Olympics, just getting to participate is an honor. Those who succeed in winning the medal also bring pride to their countries. They are actually treated as heroes by their nation then. In addition, numerous awards are offered to the winner. In fact, some countries give handsome gold medal cash rewards that make the efforts seem worth it. It is the ultimate dream of every Olympic finalist. After all, what else can they wish for?

However, just winning is sometimes not enough. The rewards offered depend solely on which medal the finalists bring home. Although no one complains too much about the type of medal won, gold is for sure a keeper. And while all medals look shiny and expensive, one does wonder how much they actually cost. You may be thinking something amounting to thousands of dollars, That is not actually the case. Here are the price estimates of the medals and what they are actually made of.

Gold contains only one percent of gold and it is estimated at a price of $587. The rest of 92.5 percent is silver and 6.16 percent is copper. So, not too true to its name, the medal is not actually completely made of gold. Silver does contain a major portion of silver (92.5%) but also has 7.2% of copper. Its price is estimated at $325.Finally, bronze medal, that is least liked, is also the least expensive. It costs only $3. It is made up of copper (97%), zinc (2.5%) and tin (0.5%).

Based on the original prices, you won’t believe what some countries pay to their medalists. And to surprise you even more, here is a list of countries that pay huge amounts to their winners. It will surely encourage you to try out for the team.