1There can be no babysitters better than grandmas.

After all, they are full of experience. They are full of care and love. Along with cheery attitude, they also have the baking skills. But today at Sphink, we bring to you a Grandma who not only has the things that we’re talking about but also a serious height challenge. A video, in which Grandma Valerie is seen babysitting was posted by Nikki Sharp Bishop. She also had mentioned in the caption that her mom would kill her, but she had to post the video. She never had even though that not only the video would get 50 millions hits, but also would spread laughs across the globe.


One-year-old Lola always has her mother’s eye on her through a little monitor set up in the nursery. Her mom had never expected that she would have a necessity to check Lola while her grandma was babysitting. But luckily she did check it and then what happened will make you roll on the floor laughing. In the video, grandma can be seen trying to make Lola sleep. Once she feels that the little one is asleep, she then tries to transfer her into the crib. In minutes, instead of Lola entering the crib, grandma falls into the crib!

After ensuring the safety of Lola, all family members and friends shared the video with smiles. Luckily, no one was hurt. Even grandma found it funny. We bet you won’t be able to stop laughing after watching the video on the next page.