There are a lot of loving and dedicated pet parents who do everything to keep their dogs happy all the time. But one often wonders does my dog truly require this heavy treat to be happy?

You’ll agree to reconsider your question after seeing this pup’s reaction to her doggy birthday cake. The happiness on his face is what making this story going viral.

When Christopher shared a photo of his loving pet dog Lucy reacting when she gets her doggy birthday cake, Lucy became a star and a sensation in the world of internet. Besides being happy, Lucy is a real faithful and loving dog.

There seems to be actual no appropriate words for the reaction Lucy shows when she sees her doggy birthday cake. It looks like the temptation made her lose her cool entirely. Like she just has no control over her emotions.

According to Christopher and Jackie Vrankovic, Lucy’s special doggy birthday cake is an expensive choice. They wondered whether it is going to be worth it or not. But when they saw her reaction to it, they became completely satisfied with their purchase.

Doggy Birthday Cake
(Photo Source: Imgur / ZedSounds )