1Lindon Beckford has always gone above and beyond for the past 30 years.

It seems he won’t stop. He spreads joy at his workplace daily. He transports patients from their operating rooms to the rooms where they’d stay for a temporary time. It can be a scary thing for a few people to shift from one room to another. Being on wheels, passing through unfamiliar hallways, completing procedures, usually ends up making a patient anxious and tensed. But if a patient has Lindon by their sides, they are all sorted. Lindon helps ease all the problems.


He introduces himself to the patients with a smile and warm greets. At this instance, his shot arises. He starts singing for the patients and makes sure that he eases the fears of the patients and brings a long smile on their faces. Some patients are so touched by his actions that they end up shredding their tears. Lindon being so great, shows that he isn’t there just for his job but for his satisfaction of helping people.


When he started this job, singing was something that he naturally did. When he found out that patients love the singer part of him, he started taking requests and also managed to have some people who sing along with him. Watch the beautiful work of Lindon in the video on the next page.