1A woman helped the veteran:

Most of us are familiar with the story of the Good Samaritan. Besides knowing this story, we still do not tend to walk by the beaten or the robbed person without helping them. Sometimes, there are also people who do not want to get involved and so they just pass by, as the priest in the story. It is true that we cannot help everyone everyday but the spirit of helping the needy person is still present. Similarly, the following story is about a woman who helped the homeless veteran.

A story of a woman, Dana Lee Calabrese, as a Good Samaritan was popular among many stories. It was based on her compassion for a homeless veteran. She was on her way to meet her friends and enjoy their meal together, when she had to change her plans suddenly and help a stranger. She observed a man collapsed in the middle of the street and so she moved towards him. It was Douglas Hall, a homeless veteran, who had lost his leg during the combat. So, she looked around for help and then called the paramedics. By the time, the paramedics arrived, Calabrese stayed near the homeless veteran. While they were waiting, she realized that a shopping cart filled with belongings was lying beside him.