1Horses are intelligent.

Frankie is also an intelligent horse. He knew that the reporter was talking about him. So every time the reporter started his sentence, Frankie nibbles, nudges and bops the reporter with his big head! I bet it would be impossible for you to smile while watching Frankie bug the reporter in search of some affection.

The reporter luckily is a good sport, he isn’t scared of the large animal. In fact, he insisted the cameraman on capturing the footage. The little and cute interaction with Frankie is something that he’ll cherish for years. Once Frankie starts to nibble his ear, the reporter stays calm and soon moves out of the way. He easily managed to save his ears.


This was just the perfect neutral reaction to Frankie’s playful nature. According to the Horse Channel, interaction with a horse is everything about remaining calm and monitoring your own mental state. A horse can read a person like a book and needs a leader who is very cool, calm, and composed. In the video, Frankie can be seen pestering the reporter, but the reporter was successful in staying relaxed.