1Pranking a Celebrity, a fun game or bad idea?

Roman Atwood is famous for his pranking videos all over YouTube. He’s been pranking everybody including his family too. But Pranking a celebrity is never been a good idea to us, but for him it’s a fun game. Howie Mandel is a famous comedian and also famous as a judge in “America’s Got Talent” Show. He lived in a mansion in LA. It was 2015, when Atwood decided to prank Mandel, for this purpose he used rolls of tissue paper. He conducted this prank scheme with the help of Mandel’s wife and son.

The Atwood and team set tissue paper all over Mandel’s place and by all over, it means everything on the front of the house. They used huge amount of tissue paper rolls in this prank scheme. But the results will be awesome. Wait for It!

Atwood used 4,000 rolls for this purpose. Surprised? But Yes, its 4,000 rolls.

“It’s probably too much, but I always like to have way too much than way too little,” he said. “If you wanna see someone’s jaw drop, we need way more.”

Now it’s time for the reaction of Mandel. Obviously, he is known for his humor but when it comes to personal residence anyone could react in furious manner.