A Hungry Dog Found a New Born Baby, What He Did to a Baby Will Amaze You!


When it comes to canine and that too a hungry dog, we expect them to grab at the next thing they find and devour it. After all, they are animals and do not have the higher sense to control their instincts like us humans. Or that is what we think, at least. However, each day we find something that show us exactly how we may be quick at judging other species. And one dog has proven how animals can be more merciful at times.

Hungry Dog
The hungry dog that helped save the life of a baby. Via: PetsFans

A hungry dog, while scavenging the streets for something edible to eat, came across a human baby whose umbilical cord was still intact. Instead of consuming or harming it, as most would have expected at that time, the dog did something quite unexpected. It picked up the baby in its mouth and went to the front door of a nearby house. Once there, it put the baby down and started barking – a plea for help. The owners of the house came out to discover the baby, who was then taken to the hospital. As it turned out, due to timely action, the baby’s life was saved. All due to the “humane” nature of the stray dog.

We can make this Earth a Heaven

Once in a while, we are well astounded by what an animal can do and that may well be a teaching moment for most. So, If Animals possess that much love for everyone why not Humans? If a simple dog can promote sense of friendship and love why cant humans do such things to create a sense of peace and love? If everyone starts loving others then this planet will be a happy happy Place to live in. As it is said;

“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love,
Help to make earth happy like the heaven above.”

Julia A. Fletcher| Little Things