1Iranian old man hasn’t bathed in quite a long time, Why?

When it comes to cleanliness, most people are particular. At the very least, everyone takes personal hygiene seriously. When it is possible, that is. But that doesn’t seem to be true for Haji. This Iranian old man hasn’t bathed in quite a long time. Sixty years, to be precise.

As per the statement of Haji, cleanliness actually made him sick. The old man was well into his 80s. And yet, he hadn’t taken a single bath for the last sixty years. His residence was found to be in the Dejgah village. It was actually located in Fars, which is the Southern Iranian province. He was completely isolated from the world in his own way.

The Iranian old man hasn’t bathed not because of shortage of water. But because of hating water. If one was to suggest a bath, they will only invite his wrath. But every action had its consequences. And Haji’s dislike of water had made him one with Mother Nature. His colour was quite similar to the earth now. He could easily blend in with his surroundings. And one could easily mistake him for a rock if he stood still.