Did You Know Why Is There a Hole in the Cap of a Ballpoint Pen?


Have you ever wondered why things are made the way they are? Why manufacturers are designing that way? There must be a reason behind it, Right? Yes absolutely right. There is always a reason behind designing things the way one have designed them. Like the hole in the cap of ballpoint you have ever noticed.

Everyone is so busy in using ball point nowadays at schools, colleges and their work places. There are very less number of people who can be able to notice the hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen. People have no idea how much these simple changes are very essential. Only scientist knows the fact. The hole is very necessary and has some valid reason behind; it is not for enhancing the beauty of pen only.

  • Prime reason:

The prime reason of having hole in the cap is to prevent the leakage of ink. When the nib is open to the air the ink becomes dry and thick. So that we always find difficulty whenever we started writing for the first time, by the ball point pen.

Via: en.wikipedia.org
  • Equalizing of pressure:

Some designers present the theory of equaling of air pressure whenever the cap is removed or inserted. Some pen have hole in the side of the cap to fulfill the purpose of resolving air pressure. So that one can easily open and close the cap of pen.

But a new design of ball point has not such issue of fixing and opening of cap. Now caps in these days are already screwed on it. We only have to click for start writing and click for closing it.

  • Suspicious thought:

Some suspicious people think in a different way that hole reduces the life of ink of ball point pen. They have propaganda against companies that they want to acquire more and more financial benefits. So they keep hole in the cap to enhance the demand of pen and forcing people to buy more and more pens but actually this is not an appropriate reason of keeping hole in the top of the ball point pen.

  • The actual reason:

The actual reason of having hole in the cap of Ballpoint is something else. The ink of ball point pen is dangerous for health moreover if there is not a hole in the cap it may cause difficulty in breathing, because many people died due to such choking habit. So it is necessary to allow the air to pass through it. Children or any other person can swallow it intentionally or unintentionally. We all love to put the pen in our mouth. We have no idea how much it is injurious to health and cause of suffocation that ultimately become a cause of death. So hole is very necessary in design procedure, to allow the passage of air, so that such a terrible situation cannot be took place.

Via: 5viral.com
Via: 5viral.com