1The sad incident!

This year on June 14th the Grenfell Tower fire incident took place. The incident was tragic and is sure to be remembered for people who couldn’t save themselves but became heroes.

Merely 22 years of age, Farhad Neda saw fire approaching his flat. He immediately put his mother on his back and carried her 24 flights of stairs down. Shakila Neda, her 55-year-old mother, always feels weakness and disables as she has a muscular disorder. Farhad just after seeing the fire realized that his mother’s life was only in his life.

tower fire

62-year-old Fahim Muzhary’s son who’s also a friend of Farhad told in an interview to The Sun that Farhad had to get his mother out quickly. He in no time took her arms and put them around his neck. Without wasting time he carried her on his back and came 24 floors down.