She Transformed An Old Bra Into Backless Bra, This is How She Did It!


You may have a backless dress that you hope to show off in summer. But your bra may be ruining the effect. And your budget may well be tight to buy a backless one. But now, Ray Lee shows exactly how you can get a DIY backless bra. Just follow the simple steps given in the tutorial. (Video Is Also Given Below)

No professional skills needed

If you are wondering whether you need to be a pro to make the backless bra, worry no more. You just need to be able to handle a needle and you are good to go.

backless bra
Via: Youtube
Tools needed

In order to make your backless bra, you will require a few simple things. Keep close by needle and thread, a pair of scissors, sewing pins and thumbtacks.

Backless Bra
Via: Youtube
Enhancing your bra

You are not going to create something new but make the old one better. This will be done by pushing the straps up and forward. Hence, the straps will become invisible.

Backless Bra
Via: Youtube
Achieving the end

When you are done, you will have the perfect backless bra. No more worries about the strap showing at the back. Now you can wear your summer collection with confidence.

Backless Bra
Via : Youtube

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