1The lovely couple!

Winston House and Janet were always in love with each other. They had married each other in the year of 1962. They together were so happy and strong that people were always curious about how they managed to live together like that.

Never had the couple had a quarrel or even slightest of fights. Being best friends, they always had huge dedication, affection, and respect for each other.

Suddenly, Winston House’s wife expired and their happiness could not last forever. Winston was totally devastated and he thought of doing something unbelievable in the memory of his wife. He even felt that doing so would help him cope up with his sadness.


Winston planted 6000 oak trees on the surrounding lands near his house. Initially, his planted trees were very small and weak. But several years down the line they became stronger and formed a marvelous oak forest. People were hugely admiring his oak grove. Though, none of them had an idea about what was hiding in the forest for 20 years.

A man riding in his hot air balloon disclosed the secret. The man saw a lovely wonder from above his land. As the symbol of immortal love, the trees of oak were obtaining a huge heart shape.