1Black Hannah Montana:

It is because of the diversity and difference in opinion we progress. And we’ll keep on making progress if and only if we’ll keep on appreciating and accepting wholeheartedly diversity and understand the beauty of diversity. In fact, that what beauty is, it is diversity. This story is exactly something that’ll open up your horizon, introducing the black Hannah Montana.

Just like everywhere, in modelling industry, the models who come forth with the acceptance of their diversity and embrace their natural differences, are the ones who are wholeheartedly put on the limelight.

Meet Lolita, A model hailing from African American background, stunning all of us through her dark features. While fans of Lolita call her BLACK BARBIE, she prefers to be called as the black Hannah Montana. But it really doesn’t matter whatever you’d like to call her, what really is to be understood is the fact that being different and diverse is really the idea of beauty.