A Melanin Goddess Model Has Shattered The Normal Boundaries Of Beauty!


In today’s world, people are going crazy over appearances. Most have been inspired by the skinny, flawless, fair-skinned models. And this has put a number of adolescents in misery, trying to attain the perfect standard of beauty. However, now and then someone steps up and challenges these standards of beauty. Khoudia Diop is the Melanin Goddess who has shown a completely different side to what’s beautiful.

Khoudia is becoming quite popular for her very dark, melanin-enriched skin. She has actually been crowned with the title, “Melanin Goddess”. Not only is she young and talented but her spirit makes her look beautiful beyond normal standards.

Khoudia hasn’t been in the spotlight for long. She just recently started getting popular. The journey to recognition actually began during a campaign. That is where people first noticed her dark, captivating skin tone.She has recently become quite popular online. And it was precisely this unique look that crowned her a Melanin Goddess. 

The self-proclaimed model has been posting her pictures on Instagram mostly. However, a more favorable reaction couldn’t have existed. People are embracing the Melanin Goddess for her beauty. The feedbacks on her posts show that she is indeed reaching out to the world. And so far, she actually has more than 33,000 followers. Khoudia is becoming a symbol of hope for all those girls who think they are not beautiful.

Typical standards for beauty will always exist. However, by taking a stand with something different, they can be redefined. Just as the Melanin Goddess, Khoudia, succeeded in doing.

Featured Image Via: Instagram/melaniin.goddess
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