1My Empty Nest:

MJ Boyle, whose favorite hobby is designing tiny homes. So, she made herself a tiny dream house. The purpose for the house was that this house would become a safest and peaceful place for her, when her children grew up and left the house.

She mentioned about her tiny dream house in her blog “My Empty Nest” and all the efforts she put into the creation of this tiny dream house but still mighty house.

The house looks tiny but it shows designing plus creativity, which makes this house a mighty house according to design and art.

She was interested in creating and developing these ideas from the beginning. She had already selected an abandoned farm house by his house for the location of this tiny dream house.

After the completion of this house she named it “My Empty Nest” and invited all friends to the new house. All guests were fully fascinated with this creativity.

“I’m not sure that others would be so emotional about their tiny houses, but this ending is so bittersweet for me,” M.J. wrote.

She wanted this place to be place where love can grow and I think this place would create a new sense of love and peace.

“You have helped me see that no matter where my kids are, and even if I am your only official occupant, you will never be truly empty,” she wrote.