One Lexington, KY, mother’s intense instincts led to the development of an important child protection law in the state. The mother, Tiffany Field’s 4-year old son, Luke required constant care. He had Down syndrome, was suffering from heart defects and epilepsy. So, Tiffany found a nanny, Lillian D. White, through a caretaker organization. Within a few days, Tiffany observed something strange in Luke’s behavior and she linked her son’s weird behavior with the new nanny.

So, in October 2016, Tiffany hid a spying camera on the nanny and was shocked after what she saw in the video. It was observed that the nanny used to drag Luke across the floor of the room, curse at him and also sit on his chest. After observing such peculiar behavior, Tiffany Fields reported the nanny, Lillian D.

White to the police, charging her with criminal abuse. Tiffany felt thankful that her son, Luke was fine and so this case led to something amazing. Due to such an act, Kentucky Representative Dennis Keene filed a bill, Sophie’s Law. They created it to examine the potential caretakers of the children.

Keene reported to the WLEX news that there was already a model for registry in Indiana and that registry should be easy for everyone economically. According to the Babycenter, following is a list of the indicators that one should observe if the nanny or the babysitter is not looking after the child’s well being:

  • A nanny acts secretive about her daily routine.
  • The presence of the caretaker or the nanny makes the child anxious or nervous.
  • Child had done a number of avoidable accidents.
  • Child looks dirty and messy.
  • The child feels hungry and tired all the time.

These warning signs are important for the protection of the child from neglect and abuse. Thus, it is necessary to always do a background check on these caretakers and consider effective references. | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather