1The Newborn Baby

Giving birth to a newborn baby is supposed to be the best moment in a parent’s life. Though if a baby is born a couple of months early, the joy turns to panic. The reason? Well, it’s just not easy for parents to watch their child rushed for urgent medical care. Parents, Chris and Michelle faced the same problem while their son Benjamin came to the world.

Benjamin, after taking birth two months early, had to spend a week in the hospital. He was being watched by the doctors. Michelle and Chris went home to sleep and when they came back to visit Benjamin next day, they noticed something very unusual hanging from his IV pole. After seeing the cape, Michelle couldn’t stop her tears.

newborn baby

Michelle explained the attached thing to the CVT News. The cape had a tag attached which said that it was with love by Stephanie T for the superhero in the hospital. After finding more about the situation, the couple found out that Stephanie Treherne is a NICU nurse. They had never met Stephanie.