Police officers hold great responsibility in safeguarding the freedom and protection of the people. They implement the laws of a society, thus ensuring a fair and equal treatment for everyone. Most of the times, the police officers are not appreciated and valued for their services that they do for the sake of humanity. Similarly, this article is about the police officer belonging to the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department. The officer, Tim Purdy came across a suicidal teen who had left school. He had been diagnosed with autism and had been known for his violent behavior.

On noticing the teenager, he saw that he sat alone. He was aware that the suicidal teen needed a friend to talk to and so the officer tried being his friend. Moreover, the officer tried developing a trustworthy relationship with the teenager and conveyed the message that the man required help desperately. So, the police department spread the picture of the officer, Tim Purdy consoling the teenager. It was viral on Facebook and got about 250,000 shares.