1Story of an Old woman’s return to home:

Douglas R. Clifford

Neighborhood has been referred to as family, as every neighbor was aware of the person living next to them, what they did and even about their names. The Hudson, Florida neighborhood has still been considered among such a neighborhood, especially when their beloved member, an old woman had returned.

An old woman, Angie Tyma had lived in her home for 35 years and never wanted to leave the neighborhood. She would not have if only she had a choice. She had sold her house for years and was staying there on rent. Shocking news stuck her that the new owner of the house had not paid the mortgage for several months. Moreover, something worse followed the news that the house was put into foreclosure and that the old woman, Angie was thrown onto the streets.

The old woman, Angie reported to the Today Show that she could not believe that she was thrown out but it had happened. So, she checked into a local Days Inn to figure out about her residence.  Some people in the neighborhood were not sure of what was actually happening at Angie’s place but when they saw the trucks arriving and carrying the belongings, they figured out about the movement. The people met and planned to figure out ways to help the old woman of the neighborhood. After numerous discussions and options, the neighbor, Danielle Calder decided to get the house back to the old woman, Angie.