During the last few weeks, there have been threats of the nuclear war. The United States have been getting threats from North Korea for last weeks. A video has gone viral on spreading the idea that Asian countries have intentions to cause major destruction. We can only pray that such destruction does not take place because it will not only harm and shatter the humankind also. Nonetheless, there seems to be a man who has claimed that he knows about the actual date of the massive and destructive attack.

Horacio Villegas, a supernatural predictor has claimed that he is well aware of the date of occurrence of the nuclear war because he seems to have witness some warnings or omens associated with a nuclear war. He lives in Texas and has reported to the Daily Star that he has seen fireballs from the sky falling onto the Earth and the people are running here and there, looking for shelter to protect themselves from the destruction. Moreover, he has stated that the nuclear war would begin on the 100th anniversary of the visit of the Virgin Mary, the date is 13 May 2017.

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