In May 2016, Police Department of California discovered a lost sad dog wandering in the sands of beach all alone and sad. The Policemen were shocked after discovering dog in such situation. They noticed there was a lump covering whole body of the dog. This Lump was actually a tumor.

Due to this tumor, dog was walking with difficulty because tumor was massive according to his body. The weight of tumor was approx. 46 pound, double of the weight of sad dog.

Police took the dog to the nearby hospital where dog was rescued. Doctors removed tumor from his body. The sad dog was now on the road to recovery.

The dog made his quick recovery, thanks to the people of California, who donated huge amount to meet the requirements of hospital’s bill.

But what’s the whole story of the dog? Who’s owner of this sad dog? Let’s read his Story:
sad dog
Newport Beach Police Department

Officers was shocked enough to see the sad dog named “Henry” in such condition, they took the dog to immediate rescue. Because there was a tumor on the dog’s side. The tumor was 24 pounds and it was approx. double of the weight of the dog.

sad dog
Facebook / KTLA

Due to this big tumor, the dog could not even walk and sit easily.

sad dog
Facebook / KTLA

Some doctors (vets) were not ready to take out the tumor, because it was horrible. Finally, with the help off donations. Dog is now rescued and protected.

“Most vets that we’ve asked and have been involved in his story have never seen [a tumor] that big,” said Valerie Schomburg, an animal control supervisor with the Newport Beach Police Department.

“He has so much love and life to live that we wanted to give him a second chance,” she said.

sad dog
Facebook / Newport Beach Police Department

Henry is now on the roads to recovery, he is foster care and waiting for an adoption. Henry is now in his good, and this is a happiest thing to hear.

Police as well as local animal rescue organization made sure to not let this happen to any animal again. It’s worse than cruelty.

And everybody Should be aware of importance of animals and take part for the betterment of animals in the Society. Do you agree? Then Share it and Spread the Awareness.

You Can also donate to nearby shelters or  SPCA so that animals may get what they need in a proper manner.

H/T: Daily Mail, KTLA