1The answer to the small pocket with small buttons mystery:

The answer to the small pocket with small buttons mystery turned out to be pocket watch.

There have been changes in trends over time when it comes to jeans. But one thing has been for sure – they have always been on the rage. Whether torn at knees or faded in shade, everyone loves wearing jeans. Well, almost everyone, that is. However, even the most dedicated jeans fanatics have been puzzled by one thing. Exactly what is the purpose of the small pocket with small buttons? True, it looks like a good finishing touch. And the small buttons make the whole outfit stand out nicely.

Levi Strauss & Co. blog has revealed the mystery of the small pocket with small buttons to all. And in doing so, it has actually done the modern world a favor. As it turns out, the tiny pocket was used for keeping pocket watches. Yes, men used to wear them and tuck inside their watches. That’s why it may not come as a surprise to know that it was called, “the watch pocket”. It provided a safe and secure place for these watches. Till they got replaced by mobile phones, that is. And this replacement made that tiny pocket lose all its charm. And value.