Anyone who has paid a visit to the dentist’s office has returned a changed person. Especially when the visit has been for an annoying toothache. It does not only cause you a lot of pain but also hinders other activities. You are unable to talk or even open your mouth at times. If anything, the best option seems to be making your life take a completely different course. However, that isn’t always possible.


So, you are left with undergoing an equally annoying procedure to get rid of it. And that makes you wonder if Mother Nature doesn’t have anything friendlier in store. Well, she definitely does. As it turns out, you can bid your toothache good-bye with a natural home remedy. All you need to do is follow a certain recipe. Before you know it, your toothache will have vanished like a magician.

It is important to know that the reasons for having a toothache can differ. Many things can give you an annoying toothache – decay, fracture, infections and damaged filling. However, no matter what the cause, this simple remedy will take care of it. Just carry out the following steps to get your natural relief from the unnatural pain.

Cloves – this is the first and foremost ingredient that you will need for this magic remedy. It travelled all the way from ancient Egyptians to modern-day cities. The remedy, that is, and not the cloves.

Cloves are natural fighters to help you against toothache. Via: Spice&Tea

Coconut oil – it is already so great for so many things. It doesn’t come as a surprise that it works to get rid of your annoying toothache too.

Coconut oil is an essential ingredient in getting rid of annoying toothache. Via: Organic LifeStyle Magazine

Pepper and salt – these ingredients go next in the home remedy that will work wonders. However, keep in mind that all you need is half a teaspoon.

You need to add salt and pepper to create the perfect remedy against annoying toothache. Via: Formaggio Kitchen

Water – it will help in making the ultimate solution. And it will also make it easier for you to apply the remedy to get rid of your annoying toothache. Just add a couple of drops and let the mixture stand for a while.

Brush away – the final step is applying the paste on a toothbrush and gently brushing affected areas. You will need to repeat this three times a day for better results. And it will be a small matter of time before you start feeling the annoying toothache disappearing.

Just brush away the mixture gently for best results. Via: Colgate

At the end of the home treatment, you will feel a new you emerging. Well, a new you who no longer has any annoying toothache, that is. So, go ahead and confidently flash your smile as before.

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