It’s exciting to find out the relationship between our body parts and personality, and passing out on a chance to find how these two are connected is something that we just cannot afford. Be it the space between our fingers, size of our ring finger or something about the toes, all of it says something about our persona.

Let’s find out what the ring finger says.

  • If the little finger is equivalent to the first part of your ring finger.

ring finger

You are the master of alone-time and you spend that alone time with someone in the best possible way. Your communication skills are decent and you do not over think your ways of expressing emotions. Just believe and trust yourself more and enjoy the day lively.

  • If the little finger exceeds the first part of your ring ringer.

ring finger

Your communication skills are more than impressive and expressing your emotions to anyone effortlessly comes natural to you. The only drawback that you face with your kind and generous nature is that some people interpret it incorrectly.

  • If the little finger is below the first part of your ring finger.

ring finger

You are not comfortable in showing your feelings to people. Your expectations from others are a lot and whenever they fail to meet up to your hopes, you get disappointed.

Images Via: Cousine&Health