The arrival of the spring season and the summer season is the perfect time to crop the tomato seeds. This is the perfect time to prepare the crops for sweet juicy tomatoes that can be eaten in salads and delicious flame-grilled hamburgers. Growing big plants mainly tomatoes is a great challenge for an inexperienced gardener. Whereas, it is not as difficult as it seems. Following are some of the tips for the perfect juicy fruits.

First of all you have to keep the birds away as they are attracted towards tomatoes beacause of its juicy quality. In order to protect the tomatoes it is better to take care of them and keep them hydrated.

Secondly, grow the tomatoes sideways thus ensuring growing big plants. The tomato vines grow vertically but there could be a possibility of growing them sideways. By growing the seedlings in a trench, long roots will develop. Long deep roots can easily get access to the groundwater and the minerals present in the soil. In this way there is no need to give extra water and fertilizer to keep the plants alive. In order to remove the seedlings, the lower branches should be removed. For the sideways, keep the plant in the soil with the leaves on the ground. With the growth of the roots, they will eventually go down into the soil.

Photo Source: FaithTap