Skin tags are referred to as the common benign growth of the fleshy lumps protruding out of the skin. They can pop out on any body part, usually on the neck, chest and the underarms. They resemble the skin tone so it usually gets difficult to recognize them but they are usually the small flaps being attached to the body with a stalk. Everyone experiences these lumps at least once and it is often tempting to pull them off like a coating. This way of removing skin tags is usually painful and tends to leave the skin vulnerable to infections. It is easy to remove them without the pain and blood. This can be done with the use of an apple cider vinegar. It is advised to consult the doctor before carrying out this procedure. The acid is beneficial as it helps to break the stalk from the skin tag, thus leaving the skin healthy and smooth.

Skin tag refers to a tiny harmless flesh-colored flap that develops over the skin, usually in the high-friction areas such as the chest, neck, eyelids, underarms and even the groin areas. They are usually caused by the friction that activates the production of extra cells. They tend to be more annoying rather than being painful. In order to be aware of their presence, it is recommended to consider the shape, size and texture of the skin so that the warning signs are quickly noticed.