One of the fatal diseases resulting in high mortality around the world is cancer. Although, researchers are trying to find a cure, there is no foolproof treatment procedure so far. However, science has advanced quite a lot in recent years. In fact, now you can detect cancer with breath. The video highlights this unbelievable and yet amazing discovery. Now there won’t be any need to go through various procedures to detect cancer which may even be harmful. By just using the newly developed device, doctors will be able to detect cancer early.

Hossam Haick, who worked at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, led the research.  The sample included 1,400 people from different countries.  The researchers identified how these diseases left a trail of molecules in the bloodstream. These molecules eventually reached the lungs. From there, they were then exhaled. Each disease actually left a unique trail which could be detected. This research has led to a major revolution in the world of science. The study was published in the ACS Nano journal.

This effective device, known as Na-Nose, showed an accuracy of 86% in detecting cancer. Not only could it detect cancer with breath, but it could also detect other disorders. These included Parkinson’s, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis and some others. This early detection increased the survival rate from ten percent to an astounding seventy percent. Moreover, this device that could detect cancer with breath had easy administration, in addition to being cost-effective. Furthermore, additional tests shall be conducted to repeat and further evaluate the results.

According to Haick’s report to Israeli publication, Haaretz, breath was a readily available raw material. By using the device, there won’t be need for invasive or unpleasant procedures. In addition to the original study, the device has also been used with thousands of patients. This effective device that can detect cancer with breath may soon be available in the market. It will definitely bring a ray of hope in the hearts of many.

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