Facts you Didn’t know about Game of Thrones!


In today’s generation, if you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones or, you are lagging behind. It is the most popular HBO TV series that has left people of all ages addicted. And why won’t it, it has everything – drama, fantasy, action, gore and thrill. Dedicated fans will be able to tell you anything regarding any episode. However, there are some things that even those die-hard fans don’t know about. Here are ten lesser known Game of Thrones facts that will leave you completely surprised. Or in shock even.

  • Filmed in Six Different Countries

Indeed, all that praise for amazing landscapes hasn’t been wasted. After all, making a series on alternate-universe is no joke. The crew had to fly throughout the world. And that too in addition to doing their best with regard to acting. No wonder the amount of work that has been put in makes it a prodigy. If you can’t go on a world tour, at least you can enjoy it with GOT.

  • Characters changing in different episodes

Another one of the Game of Thrones facts is that it boasts the largest number of cast members. Thus, you would have hardly seen a character last in more than few episodes. The change has been quite pronounced, though no one is sure why. Only 2 characters, Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) and Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) were present in all episodes till they died. Plus side is that fans don’t get attached too much to one character. Downside is that they have to wait for weeks to see their favorite cast member in action.

  • Most illegally downloaded series

From 2012 till 2015, the most pirated season was GOT. After all, it didn’t have such a huge global outreach through only legal means. Its limitless fan base is a proof of that. Moreover, even The Walking Dead wasn’t able to break its streak when released in 2015. Game of Thrones still was downloaded twice as much. It really did seem like series magic was at work.

  • People naming kids after series’ characters

So, one may think exactly how popular a series is Game of Thrones? Well, how about so much popular that people started naming their children “Khaleesi”? Yes, this is true. Khaleesi was actually found to be 755th most popular baby girl name in United States’s in 2014. And the rise was no less than a previous ranking of 1021st place in 2013. What’s more, even England witnessed a rise in popular series names after airing of GOT. Have you also been thinking the same?

Game of thrones Facts
When a fantasy name actually starts seeming like a real name. Via: Flickr
  • Dothraki is a real enough language

Another of the interesting Game of Thrones facts is that Dothraki was made available for learning. Yes, now you can learn to speak just like Khal Drogo. The course was first released in 2014, by Living Language. It was thanks to the efforts of David J. Peterson. He was also the one who actually worked with HBO to produce the series language. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning now if you haven’t already.

  • End of series is known to show runners

What? Why haven’t there been hints and spoilers for it then? That’s because they are good at keeping secrets. True, the creators – D.B. Weiss and David Benioff – don’t know all the details of the plots. But they have gotten a pretty good idea from the author, George Martin, about the end. Thus, even if the author gets caught up and can’t write books for a while, fans are safe. Who knows, the TV series might actually become a spoiler for the book readers.

  • Banned by Turkish Army

I think that was not as unexpected due to the explicit inappropriate content in GOT. However, it seems like this series has been causing much trouble for this army specifically. The grounds that it was banned upon were its “exploitative, seductive and negative behaviors”. Indeed, the soldiers can’t profit from going all blood and war on their commanders. In 2012, some officers even got kicked out of a military academy in Istanbul. And that was because they allowed cadets to watch the show. Definitely not the career of choice for hard-core fans.

  • It helped preserve a rare pig breed

Yes, it would look like Game of Thrones has gone all humanitarian. Medieval-based series are actually keeping all small farms going. And even made some prosper beyond wildest imaginations. Like that of Kenny Gracey who owned and ran a Forthill Farm in Tandragee, Co Armagh. He was asked to breed traditional farm animals that were then used in the series.  Iron Age Pigs have actually been surviving due to its demands for GOT.  Long live the King for sure!

  • Geese and cats inspired production of dragons

Yes, you read this right. As hard it is to compare those majestic beasts to these animals, the producers found it relatively easier. The geese have been found to inspire the wing movements of dragons in the series. And bats have been a great help with the flying parts. At least a swan could have added some grace to it. Moreover, the mother of dragons had instructions to appear ‘maternal’ toward her dragons. As if she was stroking a cat. Who could have imagined all this?

Game of thrones Facts
Making beasts come to life from simpler things. Via: express.co.uk
  • Broke Emmy records

You might have been expecting this Game of Thrones fact somewhere along the line. But did you know that it actually won 12 awards in 2012? Not only that but it spoke up for fantasy series all over. Among the many awards it got, there are some over the top. Several creative Arts awards, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Drama Series statue and even Outstanding Directing. You can only compile a huge list.

There is no denying the fact that Game of Thrones has become a sensation. While there is nothing wrong with being a fan, there are limits to everything. But don’t let a real fan hear that. For all you know, Game of thrones fans will murder you if you even think about raising a finger against Game of thrones.