In life, whenever you come across a married couple and query them about their married life, the answer that you get mostly is, “everything changes after marriage”. Now the question that arises from this statement is that, is marriage really that bad?

The answer to that is NO, marriage is not that bad! Keep the following points in mind before walking down the aisle and saying that spellbinding “I do”. By having knowledge of these points you are all good to go.

Let’s get started.

#1. Be travel buddies

A very important thing to do with your soon to be partner is to spend as much time as possible and understand each other on a more deeper level. For this, travelling together is very important because through this step you will understand how it feels to be free with your partner. You will develop a better understanding with one another; how comfortable you are with one another even in the weirdest scenarios and how you both react in each other’s presence or with each other. Travelling will get you out of your ‘comfort zone’ hence start planning a trip ASAP!

#2. Arguments are actually Good

Discuss money with each other. If you are planning on living a life together then do not shy away from discussing your financial situation. Plan and work on things together. It is not a must that your partner is earning equivalent to you; do not feel inferior or ashamed if one of you earns less than the other. You are planning on being partners for life, support each other through thick and thin and never stop believing in each other. Stand and share together.

#4. What is ‘cheating’ according to you?

Let your partner know where the line must be drawn. Tell each other in the most clearest of words what cheating or being dishonest is to you. Is ‘writing to an ex’ dishonesty? Or ‘a flirtatious text’? Or is ‘sleeping with another person’ cheating? Whatever it is spell it out loud and clear so that there are no misunderstandings in this area. You don’t want to give your all to a person who is calling two numbers at the same time.

#5. Set things straight about household duties!

Make and agree to an organized system about sharing house chores. Helping each other out with household duties will make life easier for the both of you. Sharing the workload of house chores will again create harmony between you and your partner. In no way does marriage mean slacking off on family duties.

#6. Talk ‘kids’

If you like kids and in the future want to have them, then it’s very important that you discuss the possibility of having them with your partner. You need to understand if your partner has the same feelings on the topic at hand as you do. Trust me you don’t want to find out later after marriage that your partner is ‘not into kids’.

talk kids after marriage
#7. Discuss your expectations!

Expectations kill, and you would want to make sure that yours doesn’t. Sit down over a warm cup of coffee and talk to each other about what you expect from one another and from your marriage. You both need to put in mutual efforts in order to understand what you and your partner want from each other. Speak your heart and mind out and do not hold back on anything because sharing and understanding each other is what marriage or any other relationship is all about.

#8. Move in together

You need to move in with your partner before you get married to ‘the one’. This is a very crucial step as living with them will give you an insight of how it feels like to stay with that person. Another aspect to this is that you will understand how well you gel with that person and if you are actually really to live with your partner for life, or not.  Some marriages don’t take work out because their partners after marrying and living with them realize that they do not like their partner’s habit. So knowing someone inside out, with their good and bad is a better option than regretting your biggest decision in life later.

#9. Show your worst side!

We all try to show our best side to our partner, which is a great thing. But what you don’t need to forget is that all of us have a good and bad side. It is not possible to be on your best behaviour all the time even after marriage, so you need to let your partner see your worst side too. If your partner sticks with you even after seeing your worst side trust me they are a keeper!

So, all the best for a happy and prosperous married life!

Source: Wittyfeed