At the age of three years, a child is considered to be old enough to put things together. They begin to tell stories, are able to identify objects, tend to develop effective motor skills and have an understanding about time. Moreover, they also have the skill to ride the occasional bull. This is not every three years old has the potential of doing. Let’s read through how the three years old boy, Teek spent his time.

The video showed the three years old boy getting onto the bull and maintaining his position. Then he was fitted in his cowboy boots, leather vest and a modified baseball catcher’s helmet. When he got ready, an off-screen voice would prompt and ask him as if he was ready. He would reply enthusiastically stating that let’s go bull and so then the three years old boy, Teek was off to go. The bull of the three years old boy seemed to be overly gentle, as it was aware and careful about the little boy that it was carrying.

He did this with great excitement. Teek had the mentality of a true performer, thus leaving the crowd wanting more of it. His bull ride was another example of the youngest rider, literally grabbing the bull by its horns and living such life.

As for example, the three years old boy saved her mother’s life and a two- year old who managed his father’s grocery shopping are great examples of how these youngsters stepped up and performed their best. As foe the future, Teek planned to join the Professional Bull Riders Association. Until that time, the three years old boy Teek would either keep practicing or may be keep something as a second hobby.

Thus, the enthusiasm exhibited by a three years old boy Teek presents what a child can do even at the age of three years.

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Via: Break Clips