Audience’s Jaws Drop As U2 Sings A Song On Kimmel And Gives A Tribute To US And GOD!


130 years ago, the famous band U2 had their single on the top of the charts.

Even today, the song sounds as magical as it used to 30 years ago. Recently the band U2 was invited on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Everyone then got to know what they’re passionate about in their lives. Confessing their love for America and its beauty, they put the view of their single before rocking the stage. They recalled their motivation for the album, The JosTheyhua Tree. It was written 30 years ago. Also, their stunning pictures went viral with it.


On the show, they said that they love the US and the landscape. Not only the physical landscape but also the psychological landscape. Firstly everything was looking normal when a favorite photo of theirs was displayed on a screen behind them. But then something very surprising happened. They pushed Kimmel off his own show and then made way for the beautiful landscape visible to everyone with a classic super hit.


Within a matter of seconds, the stage was set up and they pulled out their assets for a special performance of ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’. They sounded phenomenal while praising God in their marvelous song. Watch their performance on the next page.