1A man made a video of his puppy farting:

Puppies are all time favorite of humans and humans are favorite of dogs too. Puppies always do things that amuse men and it is also said “Dog is a faithful animal”. So, puppies have been amusing us from the beginning and we also love the little adorable acts of puppies. Do you Love them? The Answer is surely Yes. Similarly, a man made a video of his puppy farting in so much adorable manner that you will surely love.

In the Video Below, you can see as puppy sleeps his dad records video of the puppy, the dad is waiting for the exact time when he can record puppy farting, as he knows already this will happen because he knows his adorable pup very much. And when the little puppy farts he suddenly, with a sound of his loud fart, wakes up at the moment and looks here and there with frightened face. Although, it was a frightening moment for this little puppy but the expressions of puppy look cute enough to upload the video all over the internet.

So, His dad did this so that other may see how adorable is this baby puppy. Is he adorable?