1Woman leaves behind entire fortune to who?

When it comes to pets, they mean everything to some people. They are not just animals who are kept for pleasure or luxury; they are actually part of the family. Pets can give as much love and comfort as anyone. They can indeed be a person’s best friend in bad times. Pets are especially precious to those who don’t have kids. Or those whose children have grown up and gone away. Having someone to care for and to give all that love to really is fulfilling. And that may well be the reason why a woman leaves behind her entire fortune to her pets.

As it usually happens on Christmas, families get together and exchange presents. While some pets also become part of this tradition, it was nothing less than a miracle for an animal shelter in Carter County, Tennessee. The gift they received was something even people usually didn’t expect. After all, no woman leaves behind so much money for just pets.

Glenda Taylor DeLawder was one such woman who preferred having pets to kids. After all, they were quite close to her heart. She didn’t express her love only when she was alive, however. When she died at the age of 72 years, in November, 2015, she made sure her pets were provided for. And to ensure that, she left her complete estate to the Carter County Cats and Dogs. This was something as her estate amounted to a value of resounding $1.2 Million. Nowadays, you will be lucky if you get to read about how a woman leaves behind her fortune for her pets.

The administrators granted her bequest on Christmas Day, 2016. Indeed, the day offered celebrations and surprises all around, especially for the animal shelter. The Glenda’s estate administrators announced a gift of $540,000 to be presented to Elizabethton Carter County Animal Shelter. It required expanding the animal holding areas and providing van for transportation of the cats and dogs. Now, the construction of the shelter shall begin on 9th January. And the van will be arriving on 1st March. When a woman leaves behind her entire estate for her pets, it needs to be honored the way she wanted.