1Just at the age of 16, Christian Guardino has already faced so much in his life.

We people can’t even imagine facing what he has gone through. He suffered from complete blindness for years. Luckily a revolutionary treatment program ended up changing his life forever. He returned to his singing passion once his sight came back. The young boy went on the stage of America’s Got Talent, got rid of his nervousness and rocked the stage with his incredible performance. He sang ‘Who’s Loving You’.

Young Boy

A rare retinal disease, Leber congenital amaurosis, hit the boy at a very early age. For the majority part of his life, he only knew darkness. In search of escape, he chose music as an option. Luckily, magic happened and Christian got a chance to participate in an experimental therapy treatment. The treatment was successful and it bought back his sight.

Young Boy

After hearing his incredible performance and background the judges were amazed. Simon said that Christian was like a little mouse that turned into a lion. He was one of Simon’s favorite contestants. Simon also added that he likes him. Not only Simon but all the judges were all gaga about Christian. Howie Mandel along with a big smile on his face did something that Christian will never forget in his life. Check out the video on the next page.